We would like to inform you that Tresses Salon will be temporarily relocating to a new address as our permanent location undergoes extensive renovations.  Unfortunately, due to unforeseen delays in the renovation process, we will be operating from this temporary location for the next couple of months.

Our commitment to providing exceptional service  remains, and we assure you this temporary location will not impact our ability to serve you efficiently.  We have worked diligently to ensure a smooth transition, and we are confident that we will continue seamlessly during this period.

Effective November 1st, 2023 our temporary address will be at 170 North Queen Suite #3 (Dollarama Plaza).

PLEASE UPDATE your records accordingly to avoid any inconvenience. Our phone numbers, email addresses, and website will remain unchanged, ensuring uninterrupted communication with us.  We kindly request your patience and understanding during this transitional phase.

While we are excited about the renovations that will enhance our facilities and improve our services, we understand that change can be sometimes challenging.  Rest assured we are doing everything possible to minimize any disruption in order to maintain the level of service you have come to expect from us.

We will keep you updated on the progress of our renovations and provide any information regarding our return to our permanent location.  In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding as we embark on this temporary location. We value your business and look forward to serving you in our new location.


Marina Bruni

salon owner

Tresses Salon


GuruGuru was born and raised in Kenya, Africa. Relocated in Canada for over 20 years, she began her career in the fashion industry in 2000. Guru is a senior stylist and colourist at Tresses Salon. She's been an active team player with Tresses for over 15 years. She speaks over 7 different languages.

Guru attends various fashion shows and keeps herself abreast with all the current trends in regards to colouring and cutting. Guru enjoys meeting new clients, call and book your next appointment.